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What is Off Market?

Off Market Australia is a premium off market property listings platform for Australian real estate agents. We connect buyers, sellers and agents together on an easy to use platform that gets properties SOLD!

*We are a completely independent, privately owned company and have no connection or relationship with any real estate companies

Listing Agent

Listing Agent

Get Access to exclusive off market properties and connect with selling agents about potential properties for your buyers.

Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent

Promote properties to buyers and buyers agents through your buyers portal.

Home Owner

Home Owner

Stop paying thousands in advertising! Add your home to OMAU for FREE now and be instantly promoted to agents and buyers.


OMAU allows you to privately or publicly list your off market properties to agents and buyers in your very own buyers portal. Using a searchable and visible network of off market properties OMAU allows agents, buyers and sellers to sell properties quickly and at no cost!

How it works?

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Upload off market listings

Upload off market listings (Privately or Public)

Upload properties to your very own buyers portal and invite qualified buyers or agents.

Invite Buyers or Agents to your personal portal

Easily contact other agents about listings. Be notified of sales and new listings in your areas. It’s never been easier to search off market listings.

Invite Buyers or Buyers Agents to your personal portal to view your off market listing
Negotiate and Sell

Negotiate and Sell

Finally, negotiate a great price for the property and complete the sale.

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